“The most valuable resource an operation has is an engaged employee, let that be you!”

We mitigate risks to the people who use a facility. From slip and fall hazards to removing pathogenic bacterium, you are the risk managers of the entire indoor environment of a building.

Knowledge Protecting Health

Our focus is first to protect the health of the frontline worker, then through proactive, healthy processes, have a positive impact on the health of indoor environments.

These three words are the cornerstones of any professional development obtained from the Academy of Cleaning Excellence.

We have questioned every process, every tool, every supply and found that these only need to be changed if we first change our mindset.

ACE Regional Campuses

Regional ACE Campuses are being established around the U.S. to enable individuals, contracting services and in-house operations to work with a local entity to access ACE knowledge.  Follow this link to find a campus near you.



Regional campuses facilitate all aspects of the ACE program, from the Rock Star motivational programs, customized online campuses, and local hands-on training of “Best Practices”. Find a Local Class NOW!

Meet Our Director

Dave Thompson

Director of Education

“I am a Janitor and I Save Lives” Mr. Thompson is also the host of our internet broadcast show and podcast, “Beyond Clean with ACE”, focusing on healthy, positive, and proactive conversations.

His mantra, “I am a Janitor and I Save Lives®”. In 2007, Mr. Thompson published his first book for the cleaning industry, “The New Generation of Cleaning”. He is the past President of the Green Clean Institute and has held senior consulting positions for New System, O.K. Vacuum & Janitor Supply and Maintenance Plus, a building services contract company, the latter of which he owned and operated.