BCWA S4:E9 Ricardo Regalado talks about a family business that focuses on all aspects of facility maintenance in the Chicago area, now worth millions.

Ricardo Regalado

Ricky’s two companies, Rozaldo Services, and ROUTE. 

Over 7 years, his wife and cousin have built a family empire worth over 7 Million.  17 of Ricky’s family members are involved as well as other families. 

Ricky talks about his successes, failures, and communication in this episode.  

And on his bucket list, taking his wife and small child to South Africa!

You can follow Ricky on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/rickyregalado

Reach out to Ricky via email: ricardoregalado1@gmail.com

Reach Dave: dthompson@academyofcleaning.com

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