Accredited Healthy Building Certification

Every facility maintenance program is doing something right.

This dashboard will help you itemize what that is today. As you find attributes you don't have, this will be your roadmap to future enhancements to your program.

Use the FREE dashboard to build your roadmap to success and then you're ready to accredit your facility.

Which one of these do you want on the front of your building?

FREE Online ACE Courses

Understanding What It Takes to Run a Profitable Cleaning Company - Do you have what it takes to be a successful cleaning business owner?

Understanding Electrostatic Spraying in the Cleaning Industry - Trigger sprayers don't get product everywhere it's needed. This new technology is used to get product where you aren't now!

Understanding Microfiber - What you need to know about microfiber and how it works.

Understanding Risk Management in Cleaning Programs - An introduction to what it takes to be part of a Risk Management Team.

Understanding Engineered Water - On Site Generation of Cleaning Solutions.

Understanding Tile and Grout - Before you clean, understand what you are cleaning.

Understanding Facility Security - What you need to know about proactive measures to secure both personnel and the facilities we maintain.

Links to Cleaning Books to Purchase


" Who Swings Your Mop" by Michael Ward

The Manual for the Rock Star Custodian series.

Who Swings Your Mop

"Infection Prevention for Dummies" by Darrel Hicks

Infection Prevention for Dummies


"The New Generation of Cleaning" by Dave Thompson

The New Generation of Cleaning