March Podcasts Episodes 30-41

BCWA S4:E30 Don Tracy with GEM Supply talks about the challenges of distribution 
BCWA S4:E31 David Reimann with Victory Innovations talks about infection 
BCWA S4:E32 A clip from the LIVE remote learning class – Accredited Infection 
BCWA S4:E33 Dave talks chemicals and measuring outcomes.
BCWA S4:E34 Kevin Chow VP Member Development at Triple S talks about 
BCWA S4:E35 Talking New Technologies and Floors with Sean DeVore at 
BCWA S4:E36 Ken Horton talks about concerns, focus and solutions.
BCWA S4:E37 Dave talks about the Rock Star Keynote presentation for April 15th.
BCWA S4:E38 Dave talks about changing the norm and habits.
BCWA S4:E39 Accredited Infection Prevention Expert – remote learning.
BCWA S4:E40 Tommy Breedlove talks about his book, Legendary: A playbook fo
BCWA S4:E41 Andrew talks about “brain based learning”.