Read each nominee’s information, provided by the person who nominated them and then vote.

These nominations are from the many Rock Star nominations submitted from around the nation over the last 12 months, all of which meet the qualifications outlined by the Rock Star program;

  • Communication
  • Utilize Resources
  • Service to Others
  • Take Ownership
  • Optimistic
  • Determined
  • Integrity
  • Analyze
  • Nurture

Voting will be open through midnight, December 15, 2019.

Award will be announced, January 2020.

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Connie Smith – Marion County Public Schools – Ocala, FL; Connie is a go-to problem solver. She is very committed to her trade and training in her future. She listens to all ideas and also comes up with some of her own. She volunteers her time to the district constantly. She often buys products or equipment needed to get the job done. She takes responsibility in every situation. Her thought is winners always want the ball when the game is on the line. Some of her ideas she comes up with during emergencies are amazing. She plans every move she and her crew makes long before she needs to. She maximizes her supplies and saves the district money every month. She watched and cheered others on as they were promoted before her for years.

Jerry Workman – Pinellas Tech College – Clearwater, FL; Jerry has contacts statewide, is well respected and is a total team player – involved in all aspects of school activities. Anticipates all potential issues and is quick to take corrective action. Jerry has a plan for maintenance of all types of floors and cleaning issues. Very trustworthy and honest. Always working on efficiency and implements new ideas to be more productive and provide better service. Always encourages all to strive for excellence and provides support.

Todd Belair – Osceola Fundamental High – Seminole, FL; Prompt and accurate responses to all requests. Todd has been a valuable part of our training group. Willing to go the extra mile for all. Takes pride in his school and employees. Always very professional and is respected by all. An extremely good planner and works “smart”. Well respected by his peers – very honest and trustworthy. Anticipates issues and has a solution ready. Works well with others and encourages all to do the best possible job.

Joel Rodriguez Muniz – Deerwood Elementary – Kissimmee, FL; He is always so professional and has high ethical and work values. He is able to address any facility concerns promptly and reports any findings to the administration in a timely manner. Mr. Rodriguez has an excellent rapport with district personnel and attends custodial meetings once a month and has completed professional development. He also participated in the District Walk-for-Fitness 5K and our school’s Spring Fling (which occurs on a Saturday). In the community, he approaches possible partners in education and has made it possible for us to follow-up and acquire more cooperation from local vendors. He is amazing at determining school needs and addressing them promptly. He has an excellent rapport with teachers and if he makes a mistake he will own up to the mistake and initiate promptly a plan to correct it. He does not use school property for his own personal gain nor does he take any chemical or supplies home for personal use. Mr. Rodriguez has also come in to help me, the assistant principal, on a Saturday with moving furniture and materials without getting paid for it or me asking him to come in.

Sandralee Rodriguez – NeoCity Academy – Kissimmee, FL; Sandralee does a tremendous job working with our entire staff to coordinate custodial efforts. Sandralee has learned a lot fulfilling her first supervisory role. She asks questions and learns quickly. Sandralee steps up anytime there is something happening on campus. She interacts with a variety of students on a daily basis – outside of her scope of work. Sandralee owns her work. She is invested in the work she completes for our school. She always has a positive attitude and smile on her face. Sandralee has set several plans in action as we have opened our school. Her input has been valuable to a successful start. Sandralee is a model employee. She has provided input as she sees needs for the school. She is constantly in communication with Leadership. Sandralee is sure to G

Gwen Nagasiak – Bethel Regional High School – Bethel, Alaska; She’s an amazing supervisor. She’s looking forward to using the training standards that Issa offers. She is the mother of 3 daughters and is involved with them at their school functions. Every morning she figures out what needs to be done at her school and makes sure it gets worked on and finished. She’s the most honest custodian I have ever known. She is the first person to ask her staff on how they’re doing and how she can help o

Dominique Watson – Oakwood Shores – Chicago, IL; Highly dedicated to his craft. Was promoted within 3 months to a supervisor position. Active Learner. Takes full advantage of all opportunities and resources. Went through a second chance program himself and gives back to the organization that helped him. No-nonsense attitude. Embraces responsibility and works well under pressure. Holds himself and the team accountable. His background lends him well to this characteristic. Dominique takes integrity to the next level through his life experience and commitment to bettering himself, as evidenced by his graduation from CARA. Isn’t afraid to speak up; knows what’s best and recommends it. Sees the bigger picture and understands what needs to happen to get a job completed on time and on budget. Celebrates in the team’s success and supports others regardless of circumstance. N

Louis Legget – Kingsville Baptist Church – Ball, LA; Has been a custodian here for 30 years. Has always done a stellar job and knows how to take initiative. Always steps up to help in any area. We have about 300 students and their families on campus once a week for a homeschooler, Louis is always watching to make sure that every once is safe and the facilities are clean to protect them from sicknesses. He is always proactive to make sure the facility is set up for all functions. No matter how irritating a situation can get while working in a church facility he all ways a great attitude. Very forward-thinking when it comes to all of these examples. One of the most honorable men I know. We provide his cell phone and the only times I see him use it work is when office staff calls him for assistance. Always makes good suggestions for time and money-saving. I was 38 years old when I took the supervisor position here and he as always encouraged me and taught me how to do most of what I know about cleaning a commercial facility.

James C. Clark Jr. – The Potter’s House International Ministries – Jacksonville, FL; James communicates the needs of the building in a very clear and concise manner. His strong communication skills reduce the chance of misunderstandings, speeds up projects and help others quickly understand the housekeeping needs and goals of the building. He understands that his time is the company’s money and he has created a personal-on-the-job-plan for effective resource management. James volunteers his time by supporting Don’t Miss A Beat Inc., a program that blends music, art, academic achievement, and civic engagement to inspire and enlighten children and teens in the Jacksonville, FL community. If he fails to meet a deadline, even when you’re working with others, he owns the problem, apologizes and provides a solution. He publicly expresses the joy he feels in knowing he is responsible for providing his team members a clean working environment. His interest is positively overwhelming, he produces without hesitation, and he decides every day when he walks in the building, that he will make sure the facility is comfortable for everyone. Under James management, The Potter’s House has been able to save thousands of dollars each month on supplies because of James financial stewardship. He is adamant about helping those that have been assigned community hours because of crime with looking for employment, registering for school and sharing with them how they can be more involved in the lives of their children.

Ronnie Brannon – Victory Forest Community Center – Fort Worth, TX; Prepares training for facility and also the City Red Cross facility disaster training, school trips, volunteers and also pick up for after school programs. Works hard and always a team player! Will come in to help without asking. Ronnie wanted to do more so he starts helping program. He has a growing Bingo class here! Helps with programs ( youth and adults). Victory Forest Doesn’t have to worry because Mr. Ronnie works without being told. He never stops! Add individual feedback. He always does what’s best for the city holding high standards and following all rules. He loves to see people grow.

Nicole Martone – Cross Bayou Elementary – Pinellas Park, FL; She knows what is needed before I even have to say anything. I encourage the team to attend training. Most training is not paid for…she goes; helps with the carnival, open houses, Secret Santa, she is there for whatever anyone needs. The children love her! She always has time for a child who wants to tell her about their day! This is one of the things I love most about Nikki. She knows what is expected. I never have to check on her. She will tell me before anyone else if something has happened, always goes the extra mile to get it done, even with a million things going on. Her smile is contagious! Even on a really bad day, she will make a joke to lighten the room. She watches and learns from me quickly. Knows how to do things on the “fly” or with a month’s notice. Always does more than expected with the knowledge that it may not be compensated. I respect her very much. Pre-planning an event that may have more of an audience than expected…she knows that we will need more chairs. She has them waiting in the wings just in case! The team usually comes to her when they are not sure what to do…in life or work.

Willard Moore – University of Maryland – Baltimore, MD; Mr. Moore goes above and beyond each and every day. He sets the bar high for other staff members with regard to his performance, attendance and communication skills. His enthusiasm is infectious and has sparked an interest in some of his co-workers to do the same. He currently working at our Student Center and is known as a friend, confidant and brotherly figure to many of the students. He is committed to not only holding himself accountable but truly learning from mistakes made. He will find that silver lining and encourages everyone else to do the same. He is an inspiration. If something needs to be said because it is not right, he will be sure to share that information and do the right thing. He also is happy to celebrate the success of others and not be so selfish to take credit for everything all of the time.

Rock Star Custodian 2019

After reading the nominees information, what is your choice for Rock Star Custodian, 2019?